Refer Casey + Sale = Donations

Refer Casey + Sale = Donations to where? 

@ Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society 
@ Seniors Come Share Society 
@ Semiahmoo House Society 
@ Peace Arch Hospital Foundation 
@ BC Children's Hospital Foundation and Miracle Network 

What is a referral?

It can be as simple as "You should talk to this guy."

Refer Casey + Sale = Donations once the sale completion date has happened and the real estate transaction fees are paid out. The BC Children's Hospital Foundation and Miracle Network are issued a $500+ payment from my commission fees directly from my Remax office at the same time as they issue payment to me.  I then drop off a $500 cheque to the Peace Arch Hospital Foundation because of your referral and will also drop off another $500 donation to where you choose from these five organizations.

Are you aware of these three organizations?              

When you refer

As the person who gives the referral, you are choosing one of these. Where will you choose? Do you want to double what goes to the Peace Arch Hospital Foundation or pick one of the others? They all need our support and you get to choose where $500 will go. 

This just sold and the lady who referred this couple to me is directing another $500 go to the 'Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society' nice choice! That said, they all are good choices and need our support. $1500 of support can come from you simply suggesting to someone they talk to me.